Take a look at the entries from our ‘Goodness Hunt’ campaign

Apurva Kothavade

Reflection 1

Reflection 2



Just Smile (poem

Moments captured 1

Moments captured 2


Dharini G Sekaran

Building and the bean stock (moments captured)


Fathima Shamsuddin

Forms of Love (moments captured)


Jane Caryn Thomas

Conversations with friends (reflection)


Kashish Bachchan



Madhur Mittal

Talking to the rain (reflection)


Megha Bansal

To bring a smile (poem)

A real-life moment (moment captured)

Being happy with self (moment captured)


Neha Benny

Hope (Poem)


Priyanshi Priya

Reflection 1

Reflection 2


Raghav Arora

Reconnect (Moment captured 1)

Believe (Moment captured 2)

Chhotu approved phool (Moment captured 3)



Survival can be beautiful (poem)

Moment captured 1

Moment captured 2


Sanjana Navin Pamnani

Nature (moment captured)


Suhani Bishnoi

The little things (poem)


Tephila K Paul

A dialogue (reflection)


Yamini Sharma

The moving kites (reflection)


Yatin Arora

Reflection on beautiful moments