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Nurturing Youth Well-Being

  • Two reports from the action-field Steffanie Grimes, Lucy Deletta C A, Melissa Passanha and Anugraha Joseph, final year students of MSc Psychology, Kristu Jayanti college, Bangalore a workshop was conducted on the topic Goal setting and motivation management for 60 non-Psychology peers in their campus. This initiative was part of an action project to which the group had committed during the you-volunteer training program by of Positive Psychology Unit, Dept. […]

  • Our March forward: 22nd February, 2018: Today, it was a great success, presenting about Technological Addiction and Depression in front of 60 students of Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy. We were lucky to get Professor Prakash V Mallya (Director), Dr Amit Das (Principal) and other Faculty. Response from the students was commendable. The entire faculty present expressed that it was a good initiative taken by us. They added that our explanation […]

  • …And Further We Go… Deepthi and Navya, students from T John College, carried out mental health awareness activity in a school. Reported by: Ms. Sharanya, Deepthi, Navya and team T John College, Bangalore

  • Youth report on a suicide prevention campaign submitted by Ms Didhiti Ghosh On the 16th of November, 2017, students of the Department of Psychology, Asutosh College carried out a mental health campaign on “Suicide Prevention among Youth” around the college campus, advocating the causal factors, risks, outcomes and preventive measures of suicide among people. All the teachers of the department took part in the campaign, as well as some non-teaching […]

  • One of our Youth Pro volunteers Ms. Anitha Kannan has made a personal commitment to spread mental health awareness over digital platform. She has created a Facebook page called ‘INSPIRING-MINDS’ ( where she regularly uploads information useful to the society. She has already uploaded videos, pictures and information on many mental health related topics. This includes information on various common myths regarding mental illness to change public perception. The page […]

  • Greetings on the eve of WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, October 2015! We are very happy again to inform you that we have conducted an awareness program on “Dignity towards mental health” in our college campus on 10th October 2015, on the eve of World Mental Health day. We used a tree in our cafeteria which portrayed slogans and writings on mental health, We also distributed brochures which contains an oath […]

  • Hello NIMHANS!! I am Agastya (BA Psychology Student) Bangalore. We are very happy to inform you that after participating the youth pro workshop on 25th July we were inspired from you to promote ‘positivity’ everywhere.  So, we came up with a group in our college called ATHMA which is an acronym for Assistance and Training for Health and Mental Awareness. As a part of the group activities we conducted a street play […]

  • The Youth Pro Workshop on “Enhancing Student Quality Of Life” was organized by NSS cell, Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, Bangalore on 10th September 2015. The workshop was held in association with the technical support from Positive Psychology team from NIMHANS Center for Well-being, Bangalore. A total of 24 delegates from Commerce and Science department, studying in Krupanidhi Pre-University College participated in this event. This workshop was organized by NIMHANS center […]

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