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THEME: Young people and mental health in the changing world.

We the students of MSc applied psychology with the guidance of our motivating professors of Pondicherry University organized world mental health day program on October 10th and 11th 2018 under the banner of student organization MIND SPACE. The main aim of mind space and of the particular program is to bring awareness about mental health, to break the stigma associated with mental health issues, and to help people who are in need of support through counselling and positive psychological testing.
The program included psyche exhibit, light and sound, dance drama, campus interview and screening of movie. The exhibition showcased the equipment used in psychology laboratory like biofeedback machines, memory drum, aversion therapy instrument and many more; it also included psychometric testing like MBTI, WISC, Rorschach’s ink blot, TAT, Stroop effect and more. The other theme of exhibition was to showcase how people with mental issues have achieved things in their life and reached their full potential. Brain games were also a part of it.
The main purpose of light and sound (fluorescent colors, UV light and movement of students with narration) show was to depict the problems faced by youngster of our society and to make youngster aware that they have the capacity to overcome obstacles in life to fly with shinning colors. This show was followed by dance drama, where we depicted Bipolar Disorder and the need support the person in need. We had a good number of non-psychology students who viewed the program and later bombarded us with questions related to psychology and the use.light and sound show (1)
Among all this interesting events, we created a video on youth’s opinion about mental health, psychology and even few question intending to make them think about themselves. The questions provoked the thoughts of the responded from non- psychological background and the responses provoked our thoughts as young psychologists.
Our MIND SPACE organization, a student organization is dedicated to help the students who are in need of emotional and psychological support.
This event wouldn’t have been possible without our supportive, guiding and motivating professors.

exhibition  (1) exhibition


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