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Nurturing Youth Well-Being

  • WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY THEME: Young people and mental health in the changing world. We the students of MSc applied psychology with the guidance of our motivating professors of Pondicherry University organized world mental health day program on October 10th and 11th 2018 under the banner of student organization MIND SPACE. The main aim of mind space and of the particular program is to bring awareness about mental health, to […]

  • New Year is a time   for   gifting. Explore meaningful ways of gifting   this month. We typically focus on   gifting our friends, relatives and acquaintances? How  about  broadening   the  sphere  and   gifting  someone  whom  you   do not  know, someone  who is least  expecting it, someone   may  not  have   anyone  to wish him/her  a  happy  year? We typically tend to   gift materials- flowers, sweets, new gadgets and so on. How about gifting   […]

  • The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.                                                                                         Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • New  year  is an  occasion  that  tends  to spring up   the desire  to do something  new,  accomplish  something or  start  afresh on  something. Here are a few   questions   that may facilitate   you to take a wise decision. Go ahead and try asking    these questions to yourself! What is that one quality that I might to focus on as a personal growth project? Something that will positively influence my life. Is  […]

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  • As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way Mary Anne Radmacher

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  • It’s easy to remember what we seem to be NOT getting… -from our loved ones, from others, from life itself It’s easy to remember what we seem to be getting… -which we believe should not come our way It’s NOT easy to remember what we are getting -those little things that really matter from our loved ones, from others, from our life in general It’s NOT easy to remember little […]

  • Question: Help, people think I am too proud and arrogant. Is humility a good thing? Answer: You have asked a very important question. Humility can be seen in two different manners, one where someone thinks that they are good for nothing, are worthless, keep focusing on their lack and failures and act submissive to others or try to avoid other people. This may not be helpful in any manner. On […]

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  • An inspiring note from Richa Gupta, a young leader On mental health misconceptions & fighting stigma (Reproduced with permission) Please read on and get inspired to do our bit!

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