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  • Our March forward: 22nd February, 2018: Today, it was a great success, presenting about Technological Addiction and Depression in front of 60 students of Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy. We were lucky to get Professor Prakash V Mallya (Director), Dr Amit Das (Principal) and other Faculty. Response from the students was commendable. The entire faculty present expressed that it was a good initiative taken by us. They added that our explanation […]

  • …And Further We Go… Deepthi and Navya, students from T John College, carried out mental health awareness activity in a school. Reported by: Ms. Sharanya, Deepthi, Navya and team T John College, Bangalore

  • Q: Help! I would like to live peacefully but keep getting into arguments with my friends and family. What do I do? Answer: People come with unique life histories and experiences, shaping their perspectives, belief systems or values. Thus, these differences in opinion are inevitable! It becomes a conflict depending upon how strongly each person holds onto his/her point of view, without necessarily accommodating other’s views. This is where one […]

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  • When others share some good news with us, how do we react internally and externally? Sometimes we feel happy and celebrate with them; sometimes we are too engrossed in something else and don’t respond actively which may dampen the other person. Unintentionally sometimes we may even say or do something which is hurtful. So a few ideas towards better bonding would be: Observe how you usually react to others when […]

  • Perform all work carefully, guided by compassion. Ved Vyasa (The Bhagwat Gita)

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  • Categories: Announcement Board
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  • Now, you can take the Wellness Check Survey and get instant feedback! (Part of ongoing ICSSR funded research project) Step1. Register: Go to Click the Log- in button and follow the steps to register as a new user Step 2. Log in and complete the survey If you are using a desktop/laptop: Use the above link to log in and fill the wellness check survey. Once you fill all […]

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