Youth Spring

Nurturing Youth Well-Being

  • The pandemic is stressful and challenging for everyone. We may feel overwhelmed and helpless due to the lockdown. It can get difficult to focus on our self-care and well-being amidst the uncertainty. Let’s turn this into an opportunity to take care of ourselves and those around us. Click on each title to view. 1. Social Distancing 2. Dealing with Lockdown 3. Mental health and well-being in times of Covid-19 Only […]

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  • मानसिक बीमारी और अंधविश्वास   वह कहता ही रह गया मरे हुए बापु जी नजर आते हैं । वह अकेले हैं और अपने पास बुलाते हैं।   समझाने वाले बहुत मिले उसे पर समझने वाला कोई ना मिला।   जब उसने फिर से दुहराया की मरे हुए बापू जी नजर आते हैं। लोगो ने उसको ठुकराया मन्दिर मस्जिद में उसका दाखला भी करवाया। और उसे बावला भी ठहराया।   अब […]

  • Self-Care To Self-Repair Lying in bed A pile of thoughts in head Immobility has bred A mind so dead. Fighting the imprisoned self is tough- Living with internal conflicts is rough. Initially it might seem strange To care for yourself for a change. Confront the thought of self-estrange Come out of your grange For a verbal exchange. You have always looked for approval in the Other’s Eye- For once do […]

  • I love to live, I love to live A life of happiness and joy (2)   But, there’s disappointment everywhere Criticism and Humiliation all the way With all my efforts failing each day Getting more depressed day by day.   Wish I could stand up for myself Strong and tall and tell myself This is the world’s way of life!   I need to take it in my stride And […]

  • When: 28th to 29th February 2020 (Friday & Saturday) What duration:  2 full days (9.30  am  to   4.30 pm) For whom: College teachers from non-psychology backgrounds, mentors dealing with youth ( 17 – 25  years) Where: NIMHANS Center for Well-being, BTM Layout, Bengaluru What’s the fee :  1000/- Who is the resource person:  Dr Seema Mehrotra, Positive Psychology unit, Professor, along with research staff, Dept. of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS, Bangalore. […]

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