Embarking on a Journey : Taking ownership of my wellbeing : Joya Abedin

Beginning to take ownership of my own health was a gradual process. I personally think there comes a point in everyone’s life where a decision has to be made , for me it was when i could sense myself falling behind in terms of being conscious about my social well being/health.  Going back to the old days , to be precise, the lockdown days , I was someone who always procrastinated workouts, exercises even walking for the record. There wasn’t a day i was not complaining about various health issues.. it be feeling weak, fatigued all the time , sluggish, lethargic honestly it can go on for long. Mentally i was not in the right head space either, there was this negative aura that followed me around everywhere.

My mother always told me that it was me sabotaging my own health by gainsaying all the possible beneficiaries. This went on until I decided to give a thought about it , for once be consistent. It does not have to be in a heavy amount. Small step at a time can make a huge altercation. As trivial as they may seem , the impact it creates is huge. I stopped cancelling on taking walks , took classes for yoga , decreased my screen time , listened to myself , worked on my thought processes , improvised on being more positive everyday, and slowly I could feel the change around.

It all starts with you and within you. Unless you make up your mind and work towards what you really want, be determined about it, there’s no force on earth that can possibly make you do it or stop you from doing so once you decide to do it.
For me , it is my own past experience that motivates & inspires me towards taking care of my health and well being.

– Joya Abedin; MBBS student