Suhani Bishnoi

The Little Things


A gift from a lover;

a ring, or a flower;

watching the sunrise from a tower; 

holds so much power.


The rain, when it’s pouring;

a mug of coffee in the morning;

a cartoon show is never boring;

oh! how even a balloon can be alluring.


A delicious slumber after a long night;

or, with your brother, a friendly fight;

even a walk alone might

make all that’s wrong right.


Just painting a picture;

or drawing caricature;

even reading literature;

while observing nature.

 Someone holding the door when you pass;

stargazing while lying on the grass;

the clinking sounds made by silver and brass;

finding a place to trespass;

 Receiving a compliment at random;

your ship sailing in a fandom;

the first ride on a tandem;

slept all day? Nil desperandum!


The bells of the ice cream hawker call you out.

Start a new day; take a new route.

Un-frown your face, drop that pout.

And life would be beautiful without a doubt!

Composed by:Suhani Bishnoi