Neha Benny


Is heart break so hurtful!!?

I have only heard about heart breaks, But never went through one.

Have heard a lot about relationship break ups which can get really painful, so much that you feel soo an hedonic,

But are those the only heartbreaks!!??

Or do people have similar kind of feeling with other things!!??


I’m not the one to talk about when you lose someone you deeply love,

But I do have a similar feeling when my heart is shattered into thousands of pieces,

Having hopes is all we got,

And when we hope for something at the same time we equally expected things to happened.

There isn’t anyone who does not keep expectations, thou we say I don’t expect anything,

But deep down we all know what is it that we are hoping for, right!!??


Just like everybody else I too had expectations… Expectations to get closer to my dream,

Expectations to get what I loved the most, thou I discovered it a little late

It is indeed really hard to accept when you don’t make it through something you have been Dreaming about it for a while now!!


Heart feels soo heavy, like a blob I can’t swallow, Want to swallow it down yet I can’t,

Don’t know if I should cry over it or get mad at myself for not giving

my best!

Or should I look at the bright side that I didn’t make it through? Because I have something bigger waiting for me!!??

Which side should I pick??


If I take the one which is darker and sit in a place, with those shattered heart

Probably I would just sit there and never move on,

But if I look at the rainbow, with multiple colors!! Maybe I have a great side to it!

I see a lot of things that is waiting for me,

A new path altogether, a new reason to work even more harder just to get close to my dream.


It is possible, not that hard after all Definitely not the end of the World Still got those hopes to hold on to,

Make those small expectations turn into reality…


Hope is the only thing we got after all,

Like my friend tells me manifest to the universe you will get it back one day,

They don’t disappoint you, whatever happens there is also a reason that universe makes it that way,

So let me still believe in the universe, And work towards it.

~ Neha Benny