Apurva Kothavade


Last week, I was in college sitting at a sunny spot beside a long corridor, reading a book. There was a line in the book which I found to be slightly amusing but the paragraph which followed made me laugh so much that I had tears in my eyes. I was sitting there, in my own world, laughing myself silly, as people went on with their day and it made me think about my enjoyment of that moment as well as my own company and filled me with a secret delight, adding to the mirth and elation.


I am writing in my diary and I want to write about the joyous day I have had, filled with serene moments. But before that, let me set the scene, because oh-my-god! It is so worth

admiring. Another moment in my life when I am sitting with a favorite pen and diary at the table, right by a beautiful balcony with trees outside, merrily chirping birds, a soothing breeze and a wonderful Rahul Deshpande composition for company! And I cannot stop marveling at the amount of joy I can derive from such a tiny moment.