Madhur Mittal

The first road to God is prayer and the second is joy
Talking to the rain

The other day I was a bit tensed with my studies and all. That day the weather was a bit rainy and I love to vibe in that type of weather. So, I decided to go for a walk on the terrace to clear my mind and have some space. To my surprise suddenly it started pouring and I was soaked immediately. As I was already wet I decided to enjoy a bit in the rain. So, I started dancing randomly, letting all my frustrations and feelings out. I stood like an angel in that rain spreading my arms as wings and trying to fly up as high as I could. I spent almost like 3 to 4 hrs dancing and singing in the rain letting all of myself out and being touched by those divine raindrops. Vibing in rain after a long period of time was one of my best moments to be captured. My elder brother also came to the terrace looking for me and seeing me enjoying in the rain like a peacock he recorded my actions and later showed to me. The time spent in the rain was one of the best times I have ever lived. The raindrops were not just normal rain drops for me; they were containing all the elements of joy and childishness which were piercing through my body all the way to my soul. I stood spreading my wings, facing the sky and letting each drop touch my soul and fill it with all the joy in this world and drench away all the soreness and bad feelings I had. And it also did work; after this encounter with those divine elements I finally understood why it is said that everything in this world is sacred. The rain drops, the clouds, the weather, even the air at that time felt like a sacred weapon which was going through my soul, killing all the grudges and holdbacks I had. Also after this encounter I made a change in my schedule- giving myself some time, letting my thoughts out in different ways. Yes! I don’t practice it daily but like in a week or two or whenever I feel like I just do something I usually don’t and it makes me feel different and energetic- it gives my life a new meaning each and every time. I would recommend everyone to have some change in their daily schedule whenever they feel down. All you have to do is do something you usually don’t and which makes you feel connected to your soul and The One Above All. At the end I would conclude with asking you a question-“Are you really happy? Don’t you have grudges or things you hold back?” If you have, then let’s start this simple practice of healing ourselves

Let yourself be your own protector