Priyanshi Priya

Priyanshi Priya (Reflections/Observations)


There was a boy in my class (3rd standard), who had some kind of learning disability and was  not  sociable. I was small to understand those things but felt he needed help in understanding classes and school work. Teachers used to always scold him and our classmates neglected him.

But there was a teacher who gave special attention to him and helped him in studying through drawings, he used to love drawings.

I observed that ma’am, how she used to teach him after that I also started helping him in his studies, and completing work.

Helping others helps us. He helped me find my goal!!



One day, I was coming from my school. I saw an old lady bleeding heavily and two mid-aged men were holding her. I asked my bus driver to stop  and help them but he rejected because it was against our school rules, but then the whole bus requested him and said they won’t say anything and nobody will know! He agreed.  

Thanks to my bus driver and bus mates, the lady  got  some  help  and hopefully, she is okay.