Megha Bansal

To Bring a Smile

A bloom in a garden A tree in a desert

A sunrise after a night A twinkle from a star Is all for a smile


A rose in hair

A breeze on a face A wave on feet

A tickle from a finger Is all for a smile


A sparkle from the eyes A verse for a poet

A kiss for a mother

A caress for a loved–one 

Is all for a smile


A ‘hi’ to a friend

A whisper in your ear A bouquet for a lover A hand in a hand

Is all for a smile


A wink to a frown

A pat on a shoulder A lover for a loner

A compliment against insecurity Is all for a smile

A real-life moment

“Support of random garden accessories is enough to capture candid moments of a celebration of a friend’s graduation”

This image reminds me of the goodness of humans and the beauty of friendships and the responsibilities that come along with them.


~Megha Bansal

Being Happy with Self

After spending two decades hating my own hair, the first image I clicked appreciating my natural hair texture because of the support I found on social media from strangers openly talking and appreciating hair with a texture like mine