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An inspirational story: PUTTING THE BEST FOOT FORWARD!

Telephone rings at the Unit headquarter

Soaked in blood, gasping for breath to collect all his strength, upholding a strong guard on his emotional outburst, maintaining his position of command, Major Dutta relays the entire incident with meticulous precision to the officer on the other side.

His men were still panic stricken and his only companion in this inconceivable moment was his alert brain.‘Get the stretcher’ he frantically ordered, almost asthmatic, as he took the support of the wall to stand.
Having lost a lot of blood, he chaotically pulled out his boot lace to tie it around his thighs and knees, trying his best to stave off the gruesome sight of the left overs of his left leg, blown in a mine blast, with exposed flesh, vulnerably holding on each other with strands of skin.
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