Lightning and Thunder by our volunteer -Raksha Ramesh

Lightning and Thunder


Staring at walls filled with empty words

Words that don’t resonate with me

Opinions made of jealousy and envy

Hot and angry, Screaming at me


I almost believe 

I almost accept that

That’s all I’ll ever be

That there’s nothing beyond this reality 

And that this is who I’m meant to be


I punish myself 

Self-hatred turns into self-pity

I start to settle for things I know I shouldn’t

I drift from myself, become the person I otherwise wouldn’t.


I feel suffocated 

Living in a box made out of someone else’s opinions

I can’t go on like this

I need to help myself before I lose all sight of everything that’s real


I look at myself in the mirror and see a silhouette, 

Just a shell of a person, staring back at me.

At that moment, something just clicks, 

It’s almost like I flipped a switch


I  now see a girl full of dreams 

A girl who wants to spread her wings

I see a girl with so much left to give to this world

A girl capable of magnitudes beyond where her imagination sees


And I realise,

That the only way that girl can escape the mirror

and merge into reality,

is through me.


I see her looking back at me in a sort of plea,

Waiting for me to accept her and love her

And realize that at the end of the day, we’re all the other has

But together, we’re strong enough to create lightning and thunder. 


-Raksha Ramesh