Help! I want to do something good this year!

New  year  is an  occasion  that  tends  to spring up   the desire  to do something  new,  accomplish  something or  start  afresh on  something.

Here are a few   questions   that may facilitate   you to take a wise decision. Go ahead and try asking    these questions to yourself!

What is that one quality that I might to focus on as a personal growth project? Something that will positively influence my life. Is  it  to  do  with being  a  calmer  person or a  person  who is  more  sensitive  to  needs  of  others, more  tolerant  of  others’  weaknesses, less  self-critical or  something  else  that   is relevant  for  you?

Can I accept   working on  this  as   continuous  process  that I can begin  rather  than as a  one shot/magical change on the  first  day  of  the year  or  the  first  week or  the first month ?

Now, what   could be a   very small and simple step   towards moving on this process? What  can I  try to  do every day , say  for  the  next   1  week  and  then   reaffirm  and  re-adjust   the next  week  and  so  on?

Remember the   following   as you embark on this   journey:

  • A small step forward begins from wherever you are and not from some other ideal point.
  • Any small step is a movement.
  • Consistent small steps means progression
  • When moving forward, you may occasionally feel tired/face an obstacle, or even go back for some reason. That is not failing. It  is  all bound  to happen  and its  fine  as long  as   you remember to re–centre   and     focus  on the next best  step  each time, given  your  goal  and  your circumstance.
  • Wear an appreciative lens. Being compassionate   and appreciative   of your own efforts   can be   a big energy booster   you can allow yourself.
  • Enjoy the process of intentional development and growth!