Youth Experiences

“Conducting the campaign on our campus was a truly wonderful experience because we were able to reach a large number of people. Our main aim was to reduce the stigma against seeking help during a crisis. We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. It took the hard work of all the team members, our classmates and the support of our professors to make this successful. We were elated to see that our hard work had paid off. It was highly motivating. We look forward to more opportunities to spread awareness and positivity all around us.”
-Rose Vinod,Sruthy Murali,Lekshmi Krishnan.B,Bismiya.S.N, Eleanora Nallu.E.C,Huda Ameen,Anju.V.Dev,Chikku Mary Peters,Dhanya Charly,K.Lydia Raju George.
(Govt. College for Women,Trivandrum)

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Youth Experiences: Engage to Change: Writing a letter to a person who may be suicidal:
“When I saw the topic for the letter writing competition, I understood that the task might not be so simple. But once I started writing it, I realized it was more difficult than I thought. I wrote and re-wrote the letter, making small changes until I was happy with what I wrote, keeping in mind that it should help the person. I was elated to find that my letter made it to the Top 5 entries. What made me most happy was the fact that if any real life situation were to occur, my words may have the power to awaken hope in the person who needs it .” -Rose Vinod

“Participating in ‘Engage to Change’ pushed me to think beyond my life and try to perceive the struggles each person goes through. I thought it was necessary to remind some beautiful people that there is a lot more to their lives than they seem to notice! “ Radhika Shah