Supporting the rights of transgenders to be treated with respect and empathy: A Report

Report from a young scholar

10863888_599035973575395_2910492857932971305_o Hello…
This is Keerthana Sharma P, of class 11 in Bangalore, and I had attended your program organized through Deeksha Jnanasweekar College. I was very much inspired by your messages conveyed and also very thankful for you to continue the contact and give the updates.
I had a thought in my mind that, public must give equality to the transgenders and understand their thoughts also and hence give them good education and also employment opportunities rather than misbehaving and begging on the roads. This can be changed by teaching or educating  them and bring them awareness on their harmonic changes taking place within their body in the teenage and also make themselves engage in handicrafts or any other economic activity which can help them earn their livelihood and NOT  to separate them and lead them to beg.10869643_599036390242020_1674394802292963993_o

So, finally,  I organized for a seminar in our college campus (Deeksha Jnanasweekar)  on 12th December 2014. And we were 3 of us 4 of us participating ,and the- main purpose of the program was to bring awareness in the youths not to have a bad reaction, laugh at them and have bad  thoughts on the transgenders as they do have few feelings and also thoughts like any other common person, and it is not their mistake and hence they must be supported mentally and we should not to make them feel depressed and low……better to encourage them with respect to their talents by taking few other successful transgenders as example or role models. The initial reaction of the spectators was that of making fun- .but gradually there was a positive response and finally the audience supported our seminar by changing their mentality and committing not to make fun of them anytime!!!