RESULTS: Engage to Change

A series of solo and team events were organized to generate momentum and actions for the cause of suicide prevention
Solo Events:
We received an overwhelming response to our call for the solo events. All the entries had gems of insight and inspiration.
We hope that each of the participants will be the ambassadors in spreading the message that mutual support can go a long way in promoting the cause of suicide prevention.

Team Event: Campus based campaigns.
It was a pleasure for the panel to go over the reports about the campaigns conducted in order to mark the World Suicide Prevention Day 2015.

Two of the entries reflected a very well thought of and very well articulated and executed plan of action. These two teams reached out to a large number of youth in ways that involved active engagement with the stakeholders, powerful messages delivered in innovative ways and having a high potential for long term impact. Hence both these entries were adjudged to occupy the first position.

The remaining entries mentioned in the result list deserve our heartfelt appreciation for investment of significant amount of efforts in reaching out to youth as well as segments of the general public, capitalizing on the creativity of the team members, engaging with the target groups in an interactive fashion and documenting feedback.
We are enriched by witnessing the momentum generated through these campus based campaigns.

It is a testimony to the fact that small teams of ten students in a given campus (with support from faculty) can trigger a series of positive and powerful cascade effects.

We look forward to sustained and synergistic actions towards the cause of mental health promotion

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