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Reflections from a youth on being inspired: Ashka Rajiv Desai

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” (C.S.Lewis)

There are people in life who inspire you in many different ways and you can actually look upon them as your idol. For me, it was my Grandfather. He was the most Amazing person in my life. He taught me things I still continue to follow. The most positive person and kind by heart. He was a giver. I have learned from him that whatever you decide to do, do it with all your heart. I have developed the habit of collecting thoughts and writing few by my own from him. He had this great hobby of collecting articles , thoughts and readings from magazines and books because he believed that thoughts shape your way of thinking and it changes your perception towards things around. My grandfather and I were very close. Whatever in life I have learned is to a greater extent from him. I remember the times when I used to sit beside him and listen to his talks about how he lived his life and which today inspires me a lot. He has inspired me in a number of ways and I am always left with no words when I start talking about him. He was not just a role model for me but also a great friend.I have a hero and I call him my Grandpa. I have always believed that lucky are those people who get to stay with their grandparents and I am one of them because things you get to know and learn from them are really helpful. Whenever we fall, we always look around for arms to comfort us in every way and it is difficult to imagine even a single day without his lessons, Love you Grandpa. Even though today he isn’t with me, He will always remain in my heart and in my thoughts. I love my Grandpa much. He is the person who has inspired me in all different ways.

Aashka Rajiv desai,

The MS University of Baroda, Pratapgunj, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Department of education and psychology.