Just Another Chapter : Chaitali Amberkar

There is no architecture of the castle over clouds.For every person, their safe place is different and how they want to stay in it varies.

Speaking for myself, reading novels has been my salvation as soon as I hit my teens.

It started as a need to improve my vocabulary and ended up being my comfort zone. The more I read, the more I started living the scenarios.

On each page I turned, I was transported into a different world, era, perspective and everything beyond.

With each chapter, I was forced to dwell on multiple scenarios, challenge my own beliefs and grow more as a human.

I exist as I am & that’s enough!

I live Multiple Lives…

Reading did not just become my hobby, it became my passion with each passing day!

While I was living the lives of the characters, I didn’t want to be lost in the shadows of the characters.

Yes, I developed a bit after each book but I had to learn how to separate my life from theirs. Writing Journals is something that I adapted as a part of my self-review because reading was evolving me into a whole new person.

Take it from a person who did not like books, I found my best-friend in the form of books, I found a mentor in the authors and a part of myself in each story I read.

I wasn’t judged, I wasn’t scrutinized, I just felt love – I gradually fell in love with myself.

-Chaitali Amberkar

Student (Information Technology)