A poem from a survivor: It’s A Beautiful Day To Exist

About the poem:

” From a young age, I’ve always been a little too insightful and aware. Although this was overwhelming at first, I’ve grown to embrace my heightened sensitivity and perceptiveness, as these gifts I’ve received have allowed me to experience a rainbow of colours. I have connected with truly remarkable people, and have found flavours to feed myself.

On my journey through life and laughter, creativity has been the weapon I’ve used to constantly fight adversity I see around me. I believe in channelling positivity that is drawn from adversity and using it to create art. Art can be in many forms, whether poetry, or fashion, or painting. The list is endless. I’d simply like to call it making beautiful things.

My medium of choice today is writing. I use writing to convey things I find difficult to express when I speak. I write to advocate and share important messages that I believe the world needs to see. Here is a piece that I have written, based on my own encounters with mental illness “

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– Anusha Ramji