Intrinsic & Extrinsic Inspiration :Sudhiti H.N

What inspires me and my peers to work on health and well- being can be divided into two segments: Intrinsic inspiration & Extrinsic inspiration.

Intrinsic inspiration is related to our self– what we think, feel and act. It is during our youth that we start to explore new avenues and discover what drives us (that’s why many of us love taking personality tests!). Intrinsic inspiration involves all the factors that coerce us to develop ourselves in the fields of our choice. We may falter at times, however, the identity we form by progressing each day motivates us to become better versions of ourselves.

Extrinsic inspiration comes from others– how do the people I respect think, feel and act. Extrinsic inspiration may come from renowned professionals in the field of literature, art, cinema, education, sports, etc. We look up to certain people and try to imbibe certain values that they possess.

Also, our peer groups help us focus on improving our overall well-being. When we notice our peers striving towards success with dedication, we too feel that we should be working towards our goals. Through healthy competition, peers groups can bring the best out of us.

Another form of extrinsic inspiration comes from books and nature. It may be the storyline of the novel or the characters that make us feel motivated. While books give us unique insights, nature provides a sense of purpose. The cycle of day and night, the seasons and the ecosystem- everything that exists in nature inspires us to take care of ourselves to enjoy being a part of this spectacular world!

– Sudithi H.N

Student (Psychology & Criminology)