I am Inspired: Mini -Competition Results

A mini competition called “I –am –Inspired” was announced in January 2016. The purpose of this competition was to recollect observations and experiences that inspire us, give us strength and revive our faith in the innate goodness of people. Let us recollect and share such stories and spread their fragrance far and wide.

We asked our participants to send us an inspiring note – “a first person account of something you saw/observed and how it has inspired you”

We asked that the inspiring note should focus on one of the two things:

  1. A local NGO working for any social cause in your city/state (try to include what you saw/heard from someone and not just what you read about it)


  1. It could be about a person (not a family member) whom you know/have observed who volunteers/helps formally through an NGO or informally on his/her own, in small ways but regularly)

So, here are the top entries under the two sections as per the panel of judges…

Section-1 Inspiring stories with a focus on an NGO

Section-2: Inspiring stories with a focus on a person


Rank Inspiring Stories with a focus on a person Rank Inspiring Stories with a focus on an organization
1 Parisha Jijina 1 Ankita Bhagwat
2 Preiti Modi 2 Mina Dilip
3 Monika Agarwal 3 Mahima Mallya
3 Devishree S. S. 3 Surashi Gupta
4 Chrysantha Rozario 4 Rajeshwari Shrishail
4 Pia Sanghvi 5 Rajeshwari Raja
5 Sharada Shreesha
5 Mrunali Damania
6 Roseline Gomes
7 Tinni Dutta
The sections are overlapping with permeable boundaries!

Note: We are uploading 5 stories this month for our readers! A few more will be uploaded next time…!