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How many of us spare some time to rise above our mundane day to day preoccupations to invest time and efforts in a cause that is close to our heart?

Let us introduce you to a man with a mission! The mission to create awareness about the need to “Give Way- to ambulances- to Save Lives”…

Mr. Suresh Kumar, an ‘ordinary’ human being with a ‘routine job’ and a family with little children to take care of – finds time to do things for a cause he cares about: Give Way to Save Lives!

He recently managed to mobilize about 60 like-minded persons and conducted a walkathon on the 2nd of April 2017 around the Cubbon Park area in Bangalore. This was meant to raise awareness about making way for ambulances and road safety.

This walkathon did not involve mega organizations and celebrities; nor did it generate a catchy headline or had big banners or funders .Yet (and perhaps because of all this) we wish to highlight the commitment of a single person and the passionate efforts one puts in to make a difference.

It does not matter if the event was not a big crowd puller and may not have in itself generated a large /long scale impact….What matters is the spirit and the sustained efforts, the dedication to rise beyond our personal interests and preoccupations to work towards a cause- even if it means doing it solo or with a handful of companions and little support.

The Positive Psychology unit salutes this spirit and the actions that follow. May we be inspired to do our bit!

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