Mental health challenges experienced

An Invitation to share your experience:

Have you been suffering/ suffered from a mental health problem/concern?

We believe that stories of real life experiences of dealing with mental health challenges can help people understand mental health concerns better, relate these to what they may come across within themselves or others around them. We hope that it helps in enhancing awareness, empathy and support for everybody dealing with mental health challenges at different points of times in their lives.

You are invited to contribute your story that portrays your own inner experiences in dealing with a mental health condition/challenge.

Please limit your narrative to maximum six pages.

The confidentially of the writer would be protected. Editorial changes will be made, depending on the need, before publication on the Youth Spring website.

Please remember that it would be possible to consider only the stories that illuminate the inner experiences, thoughts and feelings – because the purpose is to help people understands mental health concerns better.

Email your write-up to: