Engage to Change: Use your creativity for a cause

Check out the video clip on the announcement board. Then write a slogan/ a poem/ create a drawing that inspires young people to stay away from alcohol/not initiate drinking/take help to quit drinking.

Send your slogan/ poem/drawing to us. It should not be more that a single A4 size sheet. You can send it to us as a word file or a single power point slide. Your name should be at the bottom of your creation.

Please do NOT use quotations or image/poem borrowed from somewhere. It should be your own original work.

The creations found suitable and appropriate by the Positive Psychology team will be uploaded on youth spring websites.

Please email your entries latest by November 30th to positivepsychology.nimhans@gmail.com

Note: We will also be emailing a certificate of participation for investing your efforts in this campaign. But, we do not think this would be the major motivating factor for you to participate!