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An Inspiring Poem: Warrior (Radhika Shah)

Here is an inspiring reminder
For times when we are feeling down
To keep up the fight:…


What is it that your frail heart is burdened with?
What is it so formidable?
That you’ve forgotten the way of life
That has caused your fingers to tremble
Your mind to constantly be restless
Your heart to be lifeless and pounding – all at once

Treat yourself with kindness, love
Shut your eyes and breathe in peace
And slowly make everything around you disappear
Take a deep lunge of faith and lift the pain
Fill your lungs with fresh air and smile wide
Cry out loud and wipe your tears yourself
Because just like the rotating earth
And just like the ticking clock

Your life will return to the hour of sunshine
When you will be grateful for everything
Until then you have to keep up with yourself
And brace yourself for much happier times
Till then, you little warrior,
Take a deep lunge of faith and lift the pain,
Open your eyes slowly and tell yourself
“Let’s keep fighting, let’s keep fighting…”


By: Radhika Shah