An inspiring poem on breaking free, being there for yourself and reaching out for help

I love to live, I love to live

A life of happiness and joy (2)


But, there’s disappointment everywhere

Criticism and Humiliation all the way

With all my efforts failing each day

Getting more depressed day by day.


Wish I could stand up for myself

Strong and tall and tell myself

This is the world’s way of life!


I need to take it in my stride

And seek medical advice

Breaking all the taboo

And walk with my head held high.


I need to accept

And tell the world

I need a Psychologist

As much as I need a Gynaecologist!


Let’s together

Help each other break free

From the stigma, attached to Mental illness

As there is no health without

Mental wellness!!




Mrs. Nanditha Shankar Goud,

Counsellor, trainer  and  consultant,