Youth Pro: Carrying the learning forward

report_priyaI am Priya from PSG College of Arts & Science.  I am  happy to inform you that I conducted sessions for all the students in my department using the materials given as part of youth pro program. My class tutor helped me in doing so since she was also very much interested in this cause. The sessions were conducted in three batches for 150 students from UG and PG. The first part of the session was about mental health and how the change should start from us. The second part of the session was about addiction and two- wheeler riding. Then we went on to discuss about suicide and the current scenario. In the final part, we discussed about practical goals that each of us would take up to develop a mentally healthy society.  We all took a vow that we will handle our emotions in a healthy way, get help when necessary and be there for our close ones providing them unconditional positive regard. The girls in the session readily took a vow that they would help their entire close ones stop their habits of smoking, drinking and rash driving. I suggested that they talk to their friends about mental health (at least 5 friends per week) and remove the misconceptions their friends have. After the session, lots of my juniors were interested in attending the youth pals conference in the coming year. Since I am in Rotaract, I will be organizing sessions for my club members and then for other  clubs.  My club’s president for the coming year is also a psychology student. Mental health is going to be our theme. He has started a blog with the sole purpose of spreading awareness about mental health and psychology.



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