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Report from the field during the Reach-Out Campaign

Sr. No. Age Gender Work status Feedback from individuals who were spoken to and handed over the commitment cards (English/Hindi)
1 21 Male Student Nil
2 24 Female Student I will try to follow.
3 22 Male Staff in Railway Dept. Sir, hum sab ye driving k bare m jante to hain lakin mante nahi. Bhahut achha kaam kar rahe ho aap.. hum zaroor apki baat ko manege or dusro ko bhi samjhayenge
4 28 Male Student Main helmet phahle se hi istemal kar raha hu lekin mansik rogo ke bare me aaj hi kuch pata laga or koshish karunga ki achhe se apne mansik svasthya ka dhyan rakhu or dusro ko iske bare m batau
5 30 Male Social Worker It was a pleasurable and knowledgeable talk sir
6 45 Female Principal If mental health becomes everyday issue that matters to us all then the stigma can be reduced. I will try to follow my commitments and try to share it with others too
7 27 Female Teacher I appreciate these small efforts
8 32 Male Medical Representative Really Impressive work NIMHANS is doing
9 23 Male Engineer Good work NIMHANS
10 25 Male Marketing Executive These two themes seems high important in our life
11 35 Male Doctor Mental health disorders deserve treatment as much as any other illness – and helmet reduces head injury
12 25 Male PhD Scholar These types of campaigns should be conducted in all educational institutes and communities.
13 40 Male Govt. Employee Main apne bachho ko aur dusare logo ko bhi ye bate btaunga, dhanayavad sir
14 22 Male Student I will follow my commitments
15 18 Male Student Nil
16 18 Male Student Nil
17 34 Male Accountant It is a realization
18 33 Male Businessman Bhahut achha kaam kar rahe ho hum sab ko aise prayas karne chahiye
19 24 Male Student Kyunki mere dusre friends helmet use nahi karte aise hi chala raha hai sab jagah to main bhi nahi karta tha ab se kiya karunga
20 31 Male Nil
21 16 Male Student Nil
22 20 Male Student Nil
23 20 Male Student Nil
24 27 Male Shopkeeper Mein thode distance pe helmet use nahi karta …lambe distance pe zaroor karta hu
25 29 Female Teacher Good work
26 30 Male Teacher Public awareness campaigns in our society on these issues are not common and well known and it should be conducted as much as possible
27 29 Male Tailor Sir, main manunga apne jo samjhya hai
28 30 Male Teacher Surely, I will try to pay more attention to my own mental health and wellbeing. I know it really matters
29 25 Male Student Nil
30 25 Male Tent House person Nil
31 25 Male Teacher I will talk about the mental health issues which can be common to anyone with my family and about safe driving also
32 39 Male Ward Boy Nil
33 26 Male Farmer Nil
34 20 Male Student I will try to support those who are living with a mental illness and not make fun of them
35 25 Male Student These types of campaigns should be held in schools, colleges and other places also
36 22 Male Student Achha hai aur logo ko bhi jagruk karna chahiye.. Villages mein bhi bhahut zayada zarurat hai
37 28 Male Laborer Aise campaing villages mein lagane chahiye aur gram panchaya ko bhi sambodhit karna chahiye
38 35 Male Student Is topic pe hume pahle koi knowlede nahi thi lekin charcha hone ke bad achha laga
39 39 Male Farmer Ye dono batein rashan card pe likhi honi chahiye aur school main bachho ki books main hone chahiye
40 30 Male Student Main apna pura samarthan karunga aur logo ko bhi ye batein samjhaunga


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