Little Acts of Kindness

laxmi youh

I am motivating youngsters in my family, friend circle and neighborhood to wear helmet and avoid rash driving.  I shared a small kannada poem written by me about safe driving with them. At times, I use fear conditioning for youngsters who drive rash in spite of repeated motivation by giving real life examples of consequences of rash driving.

  • I circulated among my friends a small kannada poem written by me on de-addiction: a little attempt to motivate them to be away from smoking and alcoholism.
  • Every day, on my way to workplace, I invest 5-10 minutes speaking to an elderly person who stays alone without the family.  I smile at him and wish him a good day in the morning and enquire him about his day in the evening.  He expresses that he feels happy interacting with me every day and forgets his loneliness.  I do this for social support plays a vital role in the well being of elderly.
  • One of my friends was depressed because he was diagnosed of serious health issue.  I call him regularly, share many stories of youngsters similarly suffering like him, educate him about the condition and take good care of him.  I instill confidence in him that he will recover to normality with treatment.  He expressed that my affection, care and soothing words make him feel good and that a listening heart brings immense solace to the wounded heart.
  • I share motivational quotes on social networking website regularly
  • At my workplace viz a laboratory wherein we do diagnostic tests for patients: I invest an additional time educating the patient and his/her family about the disease condition and its outcome in a gentle way.  Many of the patients’ and their families expressed that health education about the disorder reduced their anxiety/worries.
  • Once in a month, I visit an orphanage near my home and donate a small amount of food grains and old clothes.  Each time I go to the orphanage, the smiles and expression of gratitude by the children and underprivileged women there touches my heart.
  • I signed the online petitions to government requesting to enhance safety of women and children with respect to road traffic accidents and sexual abuse.

Dr. Rukmani.  M.R.

Senior Research Fellow (SRF)

Department of Neurophysiology



A note from the Positive Psychology team:  Dr Rukmani feels that she is not doing anything major currently for mental health promotion. But as you see, we value little acts of kindness and courtesy that each one of us is capable of performing in our own unique ways.

Imagine, if all of us were able to do these little things on a regularly basis, will this not make this world a more beautiful place?

This month‘s theme (please check Idea for action-this month) is about reaching out to others. This might be a very tiny drop in the ocean of efforts towards suicide prevention. But each drop counts.

Do share your small and big deeds with us and inspire others.