Simran Chatha simran


It has been an amazing experience to be a part of the REACH OUT campaign. I did not know that sharing views about mental health would be so rewarding. This experience was indeed rich in knowledge and experience. I started with the statistics given on the card and soon saw myself involved in a deep conversation with many people. Some people were really interested to know more about mental health and some (designers, teachers, students) gave me information that I was not aware of, in spite of being in the field. Although road safety was not a major topic of discussion, everyone seemed to agree about the dangers of using cell phones and not using helmets while riding.

This was a special experience, particularly for me, because I had to go beyond my comfort zone and strike a conversation with people I did not know. Challenging at first, I find myself comfortable to talk to anyone now without a tremendous amount of anxiety.

I met 37 people out of which, 18 were males and 19 were females. The occupations included students, designers, writer, dancers, musicians, entrepreneurs, teachers and people involved in private service. The age group ranged from 17 to 53 years with most people in the range of 20 to 25 years.

Thanks to the positive psychology team for a great experience! Please let me know if you need further details and keep me updated about other campaigns in the future.

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