It was a wonderful experience volunteering for this campaign. This gave a unique opportunity to interact with different kind of people from all walks of life. Most of them were enthusiastic and listened patiently. Some of them showed interest in knowing more about the campaign and listened to the facts stated in the card. Some of them shared their experiences and instances where they had seen their near and dear ones meet with an accident due to their careless attitude over wearing helmets. The participants belonged to different age groups and they in turn had different questions to ask and different issues to be clarified. They received the ‘TAKE AWAY CARD’ with utmost interest and said they would spread the message across to their friends and neighbors. People had a very low level of awareness regarding issues about mental health and there was greater need for me to emphasize on the importance of seeking help from professionals when one suffers from some form of mental illness. However the level of awareness was high with regard to road safety, most of them were aware of the impending dangers when one fails to wear a helmet or rather use mobile phones while driving. A large number of people rely on two-wheelers to reach their offices, colleges faster and with greater convenience; the issue on ROAD Safety is thus the need of the hour. Spreading awareness regarding mental health is equally important in this fast moving world where stress is incompatible and a part of our daily life. I feel extremely happy that I could be a part of this campaign and contribute my bit about spreading awareness regarding such important issues.

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