Life: A poem that will deepen your insight (A product by a young volunteer)

Are you aware of the inner world of persons dealing with social anxiety?

Take a peek to connect to their experience…


Life: A Poem

I cannot meet your eyes, you see
cosmic concepts bombarding within the infirm cranium will try to escape as bridled gasps from the crevices that the lips (may or may not) part,
depending on the Brain’s ruminations that day.
Perhaps(always) too impudent,
mortifying my existence
scrupulously skimming the blue from my blood,
the yellow from my mind,
the white from my soul.
I don’t even know what colors mean anymore,
and now I see world as it sees me- dull, grey.
I pray and pray,
but these abstract thoughts won’t stop breeding,
these hungry lungs won’t stop breathing
air- that’ll furiously plummet down to my stomach,
meticulously turn every vein upside down,
and loyally refuel the source- the brain-
fast at work cautiously
sewing together every whit of uneasiness,
eager to frame the next masterpiece,
that’ll bleed ceaselessly into my scars.

Complexes are built inside out everyday,
by the lacerated fingers that just won’t stop trembling.
I’ll snuggle inside this molehill until I can’t see you at all,
and even if I were a mighty 10 feet tall,
I’d allow you to still
look down on me,
as if I were so, so small.

I wish I could appear as more than withered trees and burial grounds,
hear more than deadbeat sounds,
show you the seamless universe,
painted beneath and beyond the stars that hold us,
and how my insides churn,
dripping ink on every conviction
giving them form,
before we watch them burn.

The Skull seems eager to burst,
let’s hope for the worst.
Allow me to timidly wave you goodbye,
I’ll walk away,
then slowly and slowly diminish in size.

I hope you’ll remember my name.

Contributed by:
Anagha Ananth

(A young volunteer passionate about making a difference in the field of mental health awareness)
Please remember: Social anxiety is a treatable condition.
Reach out and seek help.