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A Competitive Event:

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Observe, write it down and send your entry:

Anytime when you opened the newspaper, did you wondered whether the world is full of only the bad events and happenings? Have you wondered whether there are good things happening around you and people doing good work that’s is newsworthy?

Do you want to use your perspective and be the reporter of a positive news item in your workplace/institute/neighbourhood or your local community? Then start your rounds of observation and send us your positive news item entries!

Remember the following when you are writing your report:

  • It should be something you have observed in your environment by yourself. It could be something you have heard about and investigated through observing/interviewing someone.
  • A positive newsworthy item is not necessarily something like a big achievement in the usual sense like topping an exam! We will judge your news story by the acuteness of your observation about the little things and small daily acts that make up a good life or that contribute to the society in small and yet meaningful ways.
  • A positive news item means it is something that makes people aware about good deeds of people, a good system that is functioning well, something that inspires the reader/motivates the reader/makes the reader feel hopeful and optimistic. It could be about a person, a group of person, an organization, a forum, an informal group, a system in place, a situation and so on.
  • Your entry should not be more than 350 words. If it is in Hindi/Kannada, it should be sent as a PDF file.
  • It should have a brief title.
  • It should not be an imaginary story! It should be written like a report of what you have observed with your reflections thrown in. But remember, it should be something specific that you have observed and are reporting. It should not be merely a general opinion/viewpoint based on your general observations/experiences.
  • One person can send multiple entries. But these should be sent separately and not in a single mail
  • Mention the following at the end of your report : Your name, age, occupation,city

What will we do with your entries?

  • We will upload all the entries which are found appropriate for publication on the youth spring website and meet the criteria laid down above.
  • In addition, an internal committee will pick the top ten entries and the same will also be announced on the youth spring website.
  • All the entries will be considered for suitability for e-circulation as a newsletter.
    • We will use the inspiring material generated through your entries for our well-being programs held from time to time in a form that may be suitable.

Last date for sending your entries: 31st March 2015

Mail your entries to positivepsychology.nimhans@gmail.com

Remember in the subject line in your email – you must mention: “Uplifting News Item”