Transforming Lives: My teacher-mentor

‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’

I happened to chance upon one such leader in my teacher, Mr. Sridhar (name changed). A single glance at him, you wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary; but give him your time, and I can guarantee you a new learning!

I discovered through him the goodness of sharing, learning and growing together. He believes in all the three going hand in hand, and that is how he got a bunch of kids involved in the ‘Joy of Giving’ activities.

He engaged us in a week long activities that included – removing nails from trees, giving life skills training to inmates in old age homes, collecting old newspapers, magazines, etc., and exchanging them for stationary to gift them to tribal school children, setting up government libraries with the collected books and a charity lunch (eat as you like, pay as your heart feels) to buy groceries for orphanages. Every year he makes it a point to carry out these activities with his students and I had a chance to help this time.

As far as I’ve known, seen and heard, lots of people have and are giving their fair of contribution to the community in terms of money and service. But what he gave us was the most invaluable gift of all times – the Gift of Knowledge and Experience. I liked that he shared his happiness by getting us involved in real action, rather than just lecturing about value it holds. He did not stop with just gifting us with the momentary joy of giving; but also gave us the opportunity to grow better in the process.

Tell me and I forget; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn. He sure makes a difference in the lives all those he meets in his own unique ways. He has a lot of credits to his name, yet he is the most humble man I’ve ever met in my life. It’s his thoughts, feelings and actions to share what he learns and learn what he shares and collectively grow in the process that piqued my interest. My respect for him knows no bounds. Feeling blessed to be his student.

My sincere thanks to all those who gave me this opportunity to write about this wonderful person!

Devishree SS