The mother Divine

Inspiration is not just a source which motivates you but it’s like a wave of ocean which shakes you from top to bottom. When will it come in your life in which form nobody knows really but trust me on this when it comes in your life you won’t be able to forget that moment all your life.

Similarly in my life my inspiration was a woman who experienced the first feeling of motherhood in her life at the age of 48!they say 18 is ugly 28 is Godly at 38 it hits with great difficulty but at 48 who can think of it……? Where other women feel menopause, pregnancy as train where there is no [i]getting off!

She experienced motherhood without pregnancy and she says as I quote- “The most beautiful experience of my life, it’s like taking birth again and entering a new life”

She said other parents get their children as god’s gift, she got it as a dog’s gift she saw a dog carrying a baby girl wounded bleeding in his mouth coming out of a garbage dump in the outskirts of the city she said she felt like a ferocious bitch battling with the dog to snatch her baby from it the battle was scary she thrashed the dog on forehead and somewhere or other on his body with a purse scratched him and pulled him and what not injured and wounded helpless and miserable at last she won.

But the battle wasn’t over yet it had just begun and now on a dreadful phase which was the acceptance of the kid from the family and 52 year old father ( a father to be)Father who actually loved playing with kids but will he accept someone else’s kid?

It was just an hour or so since she met her but she felt like they belonged together (the daughter is mine, I don’t care for an acceptance) she thought and if they don’t want her I shall move out of the house as well. The thought was clear in her mind while she rang the bell it’s both of us or none! As she moved into the house they cuddled the daughter and called her “cutie pie” but from somewhere a question came-“whose daughter it is?” When she replied it is mine they threw the baby on the floor and asked questions ……they said she was mad ….. It’s not that easy u know? She picked her daughter up and started walking and when they asked where are you going she smiled and said……home!

A home which now houses more than 29 daughters of her from places unknown, you might ask me who she was? I would say like all of them a mom who came from heaven and loved us all!!!

Surashi Gupta