Why not give others the benefit of doubt, a second chance?

We say ‘there is more to this than meets the eye’ when we think that the situation is not as simple as it seems to be. Many a times there are things underneath the surface that are more important than the things we readily see. It is important sometimes to look beyond the obvious, as there might be something more than there appears to be at the first glance.

There is more to people than the first impressions they may create on you. Several times first impressions may be made based on clues related to appearances and our own likes, stereotypes and judgments about what is acceptable to us. This means that at times we may make erroneous conclusion about someone as a person- based upon our instantaneous reactions to appearances.

Similarly, there is more to people with whom we interact with -than what we see and understand at the surface level. If a person does not respond to you the way you wanted them to, maybe it’s not because that’s who they are. Maybe they were preoccupied, maybe they were undergoing some stress or many other possibilities that we may not be aware of.

So, why not give others the benefit of doubt, a second chance or maybe even a third, to try and see what lies beyond the surface and discover more than what meets the eye?

For the next one month: Please watch out for any instantaneous reactions based on surface appearance that you may make regarding any person you meet/see. When you catch yourself doing that- try to tell yourself to hold on- take a pause and not pass a mental judgment – merely based on what meets the eye! Challenge yourself to do that!