Everyday gives us many moments of happiness and joy- we feel it and experience it, but don’t always express it, for example, thanking your mother for cooking your favorite meal or a friend complimenting your choice of dress, or the person who serves you in the cafeteria.

Let us start sharing our happiness, let us acknowledge and appreciate these little acts that often go unnoticed.

Take a moment, pay attention to people around you, notice the things in them that make you happy and SAY it to them. This month’s activity involves expressing gratitude or paying a compliment to at least three people every day. Look for the good things that people do for you or for others and acknowledge it. Say “thank you for…”, “I like your…”, “you are a good listener/cook/friend/orator”, etc. Make it genuine, say it from the heart.

Recognize their strengths and be the mirror that reflects their light back to them.