Try creating a joy ripple @ work

With all the problems weighing on our minds, new challenges to deal with everyday and our built-in negativity bias, it is very easy to slip into a mode at work where we find everything gloomy or stressful.

But for most of us, there are a lot of times /moments which are fun, exciting, optimally- challenging and fulfilling- Moments which often pass by un-savoured.

So, the next time you meet a work- buddy with whom you are comfortable, make a pact to ask each other a few questions periodically: Here are a few questions that you can pick from:

  • Hey! Tell me something which went well today.
  • What did you do today, which you think is of significance/ value, though it may seem like a very small thing?
  • Something you did that was satisfying?
  • Tell me about a good moment today at work.
  • Was there something nice that you noticed today about someone else at work?

Take turns to ask and answer these questions and share i with at least one other person in the next 48 hours!

Questions on these lines can help us shift our attention to the little good things at work and also provide opportunities to savour, express and share such positive moments- thus creating a ripple effect!

If you are yet to find a colleague with whom you can do this, start by asking yourself these questions and jotting them down in a day –wise chronicle that you can enjoy going over. Amplify the experience of positivity @ work which may otherwise be drowned in the ocean of difficult moments. This can help us to survive and thrive as individuals and as work- groups.