One little act a day: Beyond the call of duty

Try to make a small commitment about your daily actions. Decide to do one small thing beyond the call of your duty every day, of the next one month – This could be something brief which may not take more than a few minutes of your time – an activity that nobody requires of you, something which seems tiny but doing that touches someone’s life or makes a difference to how someone feels about their day.

Let us give you a few examples: these could be little gestures of compassion or care such as allowing someone to cross the road by waiting that extra 10 seconds, spending an extra 5 minutes listening to the troubles your vegetable vendor is facing, being a bit more patient with your cook or surprising your family by doing some small chore at home that they always take care of by themselves.

Savor these moments at the end of the day- the moments you have been more thoughtful and sensitive about needs of others around you and how it made a difference/brought on a smile or lightened their hearts just a bit.