Pay attention for the next three days – look around for people known to you on your local roads and watch them while they are riding a two-wheeler or a four wheeler.

It is likely that you would find one person who is your acquaintance who is consistently not using the helmet or a seatbelt.

Approach him/her. State that you want to make a small request because you care about his/her safety. Then request him/her to PLEASE use the helmet/seatbelt.

Make the following statements: “This is a request because I care for you/ am concerned about you as a person. This is a request because road traffic injuries are becoming extremely common occurrences. This is a request because road safety is influenced by many things and not ensured by merely being a skilled driver/rider.”

Present these points gently, calmly, respectfully and briefly. Say thank you for listening and move away without getting into other conversations/arguments.

Be respectful and non-blaming. Be Brief. Express your concern. Do this only once with one person in a one month period. If you can, do repeat this exercise with a different person every week for the next three weeks of the month.

Fine print: Remember, you need to practice what you are urging someone else to do…!

Fine print: Do you realize that there is a chance that you may save a life on the road?

Believe in the power of small acts.