Keep another score card!

We hope you used the score card we uploaded last month.

This is the turn for another one.

With an overwhelming amount of negative information that we process every day – it is no surprise that we start lagging behind in noticing the little good things that pass us by.

It might be a good idea to practice paying attention – daily- to the positive happenings/stimuli around us and note them down to uplift our mood and also to cultivate this habit which can give us a balanced perspective of the realities.

The little good things could be anything that you notice when you look around/pay attention- ranging from watching someone helping another person, someone doing a job sincerely, reading a nicely written piece, hearing someone presenting a balanced argument, or a story of someone trying to make a positive change in their community, to watching someone showing sensitivity to another’s need in small ways or observing a frolicking animal or feeling the cool shade of a tree and so on. These are merely a few examples!

So let’s keep a score card for a month! A score card for ourselves for the times we paused to look around for the little good things around us..

At the end of the day, review your performance…

& Give yourself a brownie point (✔) if you tried to do this

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle

Download and print your score card here to use it for this month!

Please Click MY SCORE CARD to download the score card