Idea for Action for the month

Go for a gratitude walk

We all know regular walking is one of the best activities we can do for our health. Gratitude walking takes it up one notch higher. What you have to do is just go for a walk, either alone or with a partner, preferably in nature.

While walking, observe things around you and be open to the colors, sounds, smells etc. Be grateful for them.

Then remember your loved ones, your friends and family members etc and say a soft thank you to them in your heart.

Then remember your own unique qualities, abilities and capacities, even things you might consider simple, such as being able to communicate, being able to learn etc and say to yourself, ‘for them I am grateful’.

In the end think of life itself, on this blue-green planet we call home, we call earth, a mini-dot in this expansive galaxy, appreciate its fragile beauty and send thank you to the universe itself.