Youth Spring

Nurturing Youth Well-Being

New Year is a time   for   gifting.

Explore meaningful ways of gifting   this month.

We typically focus on   gifting our friends, relatives and acquaintances? How  about  broadening   the  sphere  and   gifting  someone  whom  you   do not  know, someone  who is least  expecting it, someone   may  not  have   anyone  to wish him/her  a  happy  year?

We typically tend to   gift materials- flowers, sweets, new gadgets and so on. How about gifting   your time   to   someone you know is in need? Someone sick, an older person who may be alone, someone who has no friends, someone neglected and ignored for one reason or another?

We typically tend to focus  on  giving  a gift  to someone  we love  and  wanting to receive   something  from them. How  about   gifting  yourself  something  you deeply  value- something  the  impact  of which  will last longer  than the new year  eve? May be   a  gift  of  enrolling in a  course  for something new  that   you want  to learn  or simply  investing in   personal time  and  space  for  spiritually meaningful  experience or  anything  else  that makes  sense  for  you, that can be fulfilling   for  you  and that you can gift  yourself?