Idea for Action for the month

A small Change that can Make a Big Difference

Think about one habit of yours-changing which may make an important positive difference in your life.

  • Write down all the reasons you may have for wanting to change this habit. Are your reasons strong enough? Do you really want to change this? Convince yourself first… Then keep your reasons up on the wall, so that you read them often.
  • Spend a few minutes every day, creating a picture   in your mind that you are working on it and also achieving this goal.
  • Of course work on it, taking one step at a time!
  • Take support from others in the process.
  • Expect ups and downs and be prepared for slow progress.
  • Imagine yourself as a fighting hero, struggling against the odds.
  • And yes, remember to be firm with the habit but gentle with yourself.
  • Start enjoying the fact that you are working on this goal…. Pat yourself for your efforts and for the small changes that you may notice, over time.
  • See yourself as growing … growing as a person!