A Gift on your Birthday this Year!

Many of you may be celebrating your birthday sometime in the next 10 months during the year 2016.

Often, we wish to gift something to ourselves and/or we receive a gift from someone on this day. These gifts could be something tangible or even take the form of ‘best wishes’ that we receive.

How about committing to gift yourself the joy of giving this year? How about ‘GIVING’ something to someone who needs something and that which you can afford to give away? This is an act of ‘Giving’ which can give you back the sense of joy in having touched another person’s life.

You could even plan to collect some amount over time till your birthday by saving expenses on things you can comfortably do without /by skipping to spend on things you don’t really need or by pooling the amount that you receive/have received as gifts.

It could be something small and yet it would matter to someone who receives it.

You can even ask someone who wants to give you a birthday gift to GIVE to someone else who needs help and let you know! Or, you can plan to GIVE your time through volunteering informally or formally and creating joyous moments.

We believe that some of the stories we have uploaded this month will   appeal to you and inspire you to derive joy by small acts of giving.

Can you commit to a small ACT of GIVING this time on your birthday and receive the JOY that comes with it?

You can explore the possibilities of GIVING in various ways. One of these could be through browsing the website http://www.giveindia.org/