Idea for Action for the month

Pen it down-Surprise someone!

If you look back and think, there are several people who may have touched your life positively in small or big ways, directly or indirectly… over the years.

Think about three such persons. It may be a teacher, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, author of a book, your parent, your sib, or anyone else you have come to know. What they did/said at some point of time in your life mattered and influenced you in a positive way. They may have influenced you positively, been there with you without being critical of you when you faltered or failed, they believed in you or supported you in some other way/ comforted you through their presence/ inspired you by how they lived their life or just touched you with their simplicity/ honesty/ courage/ humility/ kindness/ hard- work.

Find a quiet place and take a few minutes to think about what it means to have known/ had such a person, how it affected you, what it meant to you/ still means to you in your life. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write a letter to this person. Express your deepest experience, the sense of admiration, comfort, inspiration or gratitude that you feel about him/her. Then post this note to the person. Remember, we are not talking about just saying a thank you over email or facebook or similar means. We are talking about a handwritten letter that you post to this person. During this month, repeat this exercise for two other persons that you may have identified who have touched your life/ influenced you in a positive way.

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We would like to put up your experience on the youth spring website so that it inspires others to do something similar, and spreads positivity around us as well as within you.

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